Five Easy Fall Wellness Tips

Five Easy Fall Wellness Tips

Finding opportunities for cold weather wellness can be easier than you think. As the days get shorter, the nights get longer and the air gets colder, we often want to huddle away and wait for it to pass, or simply cuddle up in front of a fire and hope that that will do the trick. And it might! But here are five suggestions to make fall wellness a little easier and a little more approachable for you.

Your Immune System Needs You

You need those extra vitamins with less sun and cold weather, as it becomes harder for your body to fight off colds and the flu, especially during classic cold and flu season. You can take vitamin D and C supplements to help boost your immune system, and staying hydrated will help reduce inflammation that could result from any health concerns. Eating healthy also helps keep your immune system in check. You should consult with a physician before taking any new supplements.

Fall Cleaning

We try not to forget Spring cleaning, but now is the time to embrace fall cleaning. Any time is the right time for a clean slate, so why not start it before the nights get longer? Because you’ll be spending more time indoors with the colder weather, every space in your home – especially the bathroom and kitchen – will become a germ magnet. Getting on top of it early will help motivate you to maintain it, and if you deep-clean early, that maintenance will be even easier on you.

Try Natural Spices for Warmth

What would wellness be without a little bit of warmth and coziness in a mug? We all deserve a little break with our favorite drink, and if you add cinnamon to that drink, it can purportedly boost your metabolism. You can get plenty of teas that already contain cinnamon, and plenty of those don’t have caffeine, if you’re not looking for a jump start.

Healthy Comfort Food is a Thing

You can get a lot of flavor and warmth from some spices without leaning on salt and unhealthy fats. There are soups and pastas and bowls that you can balance out with the right flavors. You can even experiment with your pantry – did you know adding a bit of mustard or mustard powder to just about any dish can add depth and a kick that you wouldn’t expect? There’s a reason the best mac and cheese recipes have mustard in them.

Revisit Your To-Do List

Try a three-point system while updating your existing to-do list. Put each thing you need done into three columns: delegate, delete and to-do. If someone else can do the thing, that goes in the delegate column. If something has moved down in terms of priority – perhaps even being on the border of forgotten – put that in the delete column. Everything else goes in your to-do column, which you can continually revisit before you beat yourself up for not getting it all done.

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