Five Apps to Help You Cope with Anxiety this Fall

Five Apps to Help You Cope with Anxiety this Fall


Seeking wellness is one of the many ways we can regularly practice self-care. It doesn’t matter where we look, or whether we concentrate on fueling our bodies or our minds, as long as we appreciate the need to take care of ourselves. One thing we all face – and tend to especially notice as the holidays approach – is anxiety, and the best method for approaching it isn’t always obvious. Sometimes, having a toolkit for anxiety in your pocket is important, so here are five apps intended to help you with anxiety.


Adult coloring books are all the rage, and the Colorfy app brings this concept to your smartphone. You can use built-in drawings or even import your own drawings – coloring them in is designed to be treated as a meditation. The effectiveness of adult coloring has been linked in studies to lowering anxiety, and can be a great addition to anyone’s wellness regimen.

What’s Up?

The What’s Up? app is free, which is just the start of the good news. It is intended to enable you to manage your anxiety, stress and depression. No app should be looked upon as a cure or even your only method of approach (especially since speaking with a professional is always recommended, especially in the case of depression), but you can get a good handle on your own feelings with What’s Up?’s diary for logging habits, moods and feelings. You can track negative and positive moods, as well as set yourself goals for healthy activities.

Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep

Reducing stress and lowering anxiety are some of the key features of the Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep app, which gives you many options for relaxing sounds to listen to to help clear your mind and settle your nerves. You can listen to bird sounds, fire, rain and thunder, among many others, and you can put them all on a timer, as well. You can even set alarms to use soothing sounds to wake you up every day, to get everything started off on an anxiety-free note.


Breathing exercises are key to helping anxiety in many people – sometimes they work in the moment to curb some of these feelings from happening. Because of this, the Breathwrk app is designed to give you breathing exercises according to your goals. Maybe you want to relax, feel energized, reduce stress or simply fall asleep – the app gives you exercises geared toward each.


Whether you’re an experienced journaler or new at it, the Moodnotes app is a great way to chronicle your anxiety in various ways, including basic journaling of your thoughts. You can also take a picture of your face to show how you felt when your anxiety began, and read through their literature that will help educate you on anxiety, as well as “thinking traps” and how to get out of them. There is a 7-day free trial before the paid subscription begins to access most features.

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