Five Apps to Help Keep You Hydrated

Five Apps to Help Keep You Hydrated

 Getting your 8-ish cups a day of water can be a little difficult if you’re already dealing with deadlines, to-do lists, sudden projects, or unexpected tasks and chores. We’ve discussed before that you can get your water all kinds of ways, but you should always make sure to get your regular intake of pure water every day. Many people find having all of their reminders for the day in one place very helpful, so here are five apps you can download today to help you track your hydration better.

Hydro Coach

Like any good coach, Hydro Coach is all about the stats. This app calculates your daily water consumption to help break your water intake habits down into easily understandable statistics. It is all charted in the Hydro Coach logbook, showing you everything in a graphic format for a quick-view understanding, as well. It will connect to an Android watch, as well.

Water Your Body

Water Your Body tracks the basics for you, sending you reminders so that you don’t forget to drink water throughout the day. It tracks when you’ve had a drink and how much, and graphs it all out for you so you can check your habits. It is available on Apple and Android devices.


Like the other apps on this list, iHydrate does all the tracking once you enter your regular intake. On top of that, it also lets you register other things you drink – like juice or tea or other caffeinated beverages. This will help give you an idea of the other things you drink and how they might help or hinder dehydration (like caffeine).


Aqualert tailors your water intake recommendations not just based on gender, but your activity level and your weight as well, which means it can customize your reminders and your recommended daily intake. It is available on Android and Apple.

Plant Nanny

It’s not what it sounds like, even if gardening is a great way to relax and there are plenty of apps to help you track that. In fact, Plant Nanny is an interactive hydration tracker – every time you enter your water intake, the app “waters” your virtual plants. Turning the stuff you need to get done into games can sometimes feel a little silly, but once you get into it, you’ll realize that anything that gets you there is worth it. And why not make it fun?


If you aren’t looking to add a new app to your phone, another option is fairly simple – use your calendar, to-do list or reminder app and set a daily reminder to grab your bottle of water. You can set them to pop up a few times daily and it will be integrated into what you already have on your phone. If you have a fitness tracker and a smart watch, you probably also have a hydration tracker already built in – tracking it right from your wrist gives you all the opportunity and little in the way of excuses.

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