Designing Your Own Wellness Regimen

Designing Your Own Wellness Regimen

Hydrating is just one of our many passions at Hydracy. Hydrating, after all, has more benefits than just slaking your thirst. It's part of a normal set of healthy habits, but also part of any good wellness regimen. Finding the right fit for you, though, might be difficult, especially if some methods have failed you in the past. The bonus here is, that your wellness regimen should be tailored to you anyway. Here are a few methods for helping you find your way to a serene you.

Work on Wellness Remotely

We’ve talked about remote wellness before; it is often part of telehealth, in that you can speak to a professional like a therapist or other doctor who can talk you through your options. If you’re unable to, or uncomfortable going into an office, or if you’d just prefer to work off of an app, there are manifold options for your app stores and through your healthcare provider.

Make Exercise Work for You

Exercise helps with your energy level, and provides endorphins to give you that “runner’s high.” If you try a form of exercise and it is just beyond painful, or never leaves you feeling better, or just isn’t enjoyable no matter how much you try, it’s okay to look around. Look for something less low-impact, or something that is more relaxing (like swimming), or even look for group exercise opportunities, which many people feel help keep them on track with their exercise goals.

Consult with Experts

There are so many paths to wellness, and the internet is so vast, that you can find experts on any wellness-related subject and probably get a few good ideas through them. Just try and figure out what area of wellness you’re most concerned about. Are you thinking most about your diet, your exercise routine, your social groups, and your mental health? What do you want to accomplish within them? Do you simply just want to know what it feels like to meditate successfully? Your goals don’t have to be complicated, they just have to be honest.

Talk to Your Doctor and Therapist

Your doctor may be able to help diagnose any physical problems with your well-being, and your therapist can do the obvious – listen to your problems and perhaps help you work on them. Just be sure you’re getting the kind of help you’re comfortable with. And if your doctor obsesses over weight loss when that isn’t your main concern (if at all) it’s self-care to find a doctor who will listen.

Listen to Yourself

Self-care also involves turning inward to find what you really need and what is most important to you. Physical wellness might be just dandy, but if you can’t appreciate how you feel, or can’t improve it, you need to listen to yourself and find whatever fulfills you on other levels. Mindfulness can be key, here – listen to and examine what you do and why – see if there’s any way you can change how you move through the world to better the way you feel.

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