Can You Commit to Being Plastic-Free?

If the Zero Waste lifestyle appeals to you, why not try giving up plastic first?

You hear about people trying big lifestyle changes all the time. There have been many men and women who have lived off the land without any money to their name. There are people who go from meat-loving carnivores to protectors of animals and consumers of only plant-based ingredients. Then, there is the group of people who have given up plastic and aim to start their own revolutions at home with a Zero Waste lifestyle. You may relate to one or all of the people mentioned above.

Here are some tips that will help you eliminate unnecessary plastic from your life:

Go through your home and see which disposable items you could replace with permanent solutions.

For example, do you use plastic one-use bowls to prevent yourself from needing to do dishes? How many would you say that you use in a week? If you multiply that number by 4 weeks a month and 12 months a year, you’ve got a real problem. It only takes seconds to wash reusable plastic bowls. Having them and refillable water bottles around the house keep costs down and take no real work to clean and maintain.

Start researching the companies that offer eco-friendly solutions.

That way, you know exactly who is offering the best product for the best price. Having a few notable features pinpointed for your new bottle and bowls is key. It helps you narrow down your choices until you find exactly what you want. Learn about the company’s history, manufacturing processes, and warranties. These are the things that every informed consumer wants to know.

Recycle everything you possibly can.

If you have no other option except to buy plastic, be responsible with it. Look for the types of plastic that can be recycled. If you don’t have curbside service, drive to the closest recycling receptacle and dump the items in. You’ll be doing your part to create less waste and generate funds for a worthy cause since many of the bins are owned by non-profit organizations. Look for recyclable packaging when buying loose items isn’t an option.

Buy from bulk bins.

When shopping at the supermarket, bring your own produce and storage bags as well as shopping bags. Buy from the bins where the bulk product is sold. You’ll eliminate the amount of waste that is produced by a single shopping trip. This will help you get closer to your goal of achieving a Zero Waste Lifestyle. In many places, plastic shopping bags are obsolete. Countries tired of dealing with excess waste, forbid one-use bags from being distributed by companies.

If you want to commit to being plastic-free, there are many things you can do. Among them is kicking the disposable water bottle habit. Not only are you saving several pounds of waste from entering the landfill, you’re also protecting the marine life that often feeds off of plastic bits, rings, and caps. You’ll save money, always have a leak-free option available to drink from, and do your part to protect the planet and its inhabitants.

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