Beat the Heat with the Coolest Summer Hacks

Beat the Heat with the Coolest Summer Hacks

With temperatures on the rise, there is a need to stay cool while social distancing. If you want to beat the heat in a genuinely creative way, you can benefit from learning a few hacks to see you through the dog days of summer. With practice, you can demonstrate mastery in various areas of your life where temperature plays a factor.

Be as Cool as a Cucumber Despite How Hot It Gets Outside

Getting overheated is never a good thing. It’s something that you can avoid rather easily by learning how to deal with summer temperature extremes. Becoming aware of the hottest hour of the day, which is 3 PM, is one way to create a schedule that allows you to maximize the cool by staying indoors when the sun is its hottest.

Some summer hacks that you can use to beat the heat include:

  • Chill your pillow. Bunch it up into a plastic bag and place it in the freezer for ten minutes before bed. You’ll be able to enjoy a much cooler bedtime routine during the hottest days of the year with minimal effort. Remember, however, not to leave it in the freezer for too long, because it could become frozen. You can also choose to do it with your pillowcase if you don’t have any room to spare.
  • Freeze fruit and fruit juice for a naturally delicious snack. It’s far healthier than popsicles and ice cream. There’s less sugar per serving, and it’s one way to keep all the surplus fruit you have from spoiling in the fridge. You can provide yourself and your kids with something cool and refreshing to snack on without guilt. You’ll also be increasing your water intake if you choose fruits such as watermelons and strawberries to freeze because of the large amount of water they contain.
  • Set a bowl full of ice near a fan while you sit. As the ice melts, the fan blows colder air your way. It’s the type of hack that is most effective while you’re working at your desk or sitting and watching TV. It will not cool a large room enough to make a difference. You must be near the bowl and the fan for it to work well.

The heat doesn’t need to sideline you. Maintain your cool by implementing the tips listed above. You’ll be able to beat the heat and have some amazing hacks to share with your family and friends. They, too, can be the epitome of cool during the hottest days of the year.

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