7 overlooked benefits from drinking more water

7 overlooked benefits from drinking more water

Throughout the ages, water has been a life-giving, and even life-saving, beverage of choice.

Although it is often looked down and overshadowed by our love affair with soda and beer, it is still our top beverage of choice and it's not a coincidence that roughly 60% of our bodies is made up of water.

Drinking enough water not only helps transport nutrients but it maintains the body’s fluid balance and compared to the 42 gallons of water we drank back in 1998; we now in 2015 drink an average of 58 gallons a year!

Clearly, water plays an important part in keeping our bodies healthy and in top shape but many of us often neglect consuming even close to enough water as we need, leaving many of us near the brink of dehydration.

Here are several tips on why you should be drinking more water (or keep drinking enough water):

  1. Water maximises our physical performance: Lack of water leads to dehydration, a condition that occurs when our bodies do not have enough water, making it unable to carry out even simple tasks.  As our bodies cannot store water, it needs to be replenished daily to make up for the losses from our skin, urine, lungs, and even faeces (poo). Many people have heard of the phrase of “drink 8 glasses of water a day” ,while there is little science to back it up, the 8 by 8 rule is easy to remember should you miss a glass today.
  2. Drinking more water can help you lose weight: This is due to the fact that water can suppress your appetite and boost your metabolism. Begin by drinking a glass of water as soon as you wake up and 30 minutes before taking any meals. In one study, those who drank half a liter lost 44% more weight than those who didn’t in a period of 12 weeks.
  3. Water improves your mood: A glass of water can go a long way and help you focus on your daily tasks. Not only does it quench your thirst but drinking water will also help you stay alert and refreshed throughout the day while chasing the daily blues away. In a study published in the Journal of Nutrition, it showed that even mild dehydration can have a severe impact on our moods.
  4. Water gives us more energy: Next time you’re feeling tired, try drinking a couple of glasses of water instead of that energy drink. Feeling tired is one of the signs that you are dehydrated, while water may not have any physical energy-giving properties, drinking it does help your body keep hydrated which is important for you to keep going on your daily activities, especially for those who exercise regularly. Getting enough water also means that your heart doesn’t have to pump as hard to get blood throughout your body.
  5. Water keeps things moving: Not only does drinking enough water boost your metabolism but it also keeps things moving especially in your gastrointestinal tract, preventing constipation. It is also a great detoxifier as it helps flush out toxins in our bodies and getting rid of the wastes through sweat and urine. Water helps dissolve particles and pass them through your gut, making your bowel motions regular.
  6. Water keeps you young: When you drink enough water, your skin will feel moisturised and it will look fresh, smooth, and young that is because water helps replenish your skin tissues and increases its elasticity. Water also flushes out impurities and improve circulation, making you look fresh and clean. But don’t think of this as the Fountain of Youth, drinking too much will make your kidneys excrete too much fluids causing it to malfunction.
  7. Unwind with water: 85% of your brain tissue is made up of water, feeling a little thirsty means you’re dehydrated and if you are dehydrated, both your mind and body will be impaired causing you to become stressed. When there is less water in your body, there is a drop in blood volume that causes your heart to work harder to pump blood out into the bloodstream. Instead of hoarding sweets the next time you’re feeling stressed, grab a glass of water and drink up!

I hope you have learned some valuable facts about water so you can keep in mind the right choice for your health. So before reaching for that next sugary soda for a quick energy boost, think again!


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