5 Ways to Track Your Goals So You Can Slay All Day

Goal-setting is fun. It puts you one step closer to your dreams and takes nothing more than a few minutes of your time. The one mistake people make, however, is not recording their goals. Some think that saying them out loud is all it takes to commit them to memory. Ask anyone who has successfully achieved their goals how they progressed and they’ll tell you it was by tracking their daily actions.

Habit-Tracking Options for Your Consideration

If you want to get in the good habit of habit-tracking, there are some things you should know in advance. The first is that the process is distinctly personal so make it your own. You should also be able to do this as quickly as possible without it causing delays in the completion of other important tasks.

Five ways to track your goals so you can slay all day include:

1. In a Bullet Journal (Bujo).

If you like the look of customized layouts, you’ll appreciate the dot grid style of this type of journal. You can set it up however you see fit and stay on top of all the goals you set for yourself by creating grids with boxes you can check off each day. If you want to drink more water, you can see how many glasses or bottles you’re consuming daily in a matter of seconds.

2. In a Traditional Hardback or Softbound Journal.

This classic format allows plenty of creativity. If you love keeping a journal, you can dedicate a section to habit-tracking. You can even write your feelings about the goals you’re trying to achieve and how much progress you’re making in the process.

3. In a Planner.

If you already keep an agenda book or planner, you’ll be able to easily track your habits in it. You can use stamps or create boxes by hand to check off. Whenever you’re one step closer to your goal, you’ll see it right away.

4. On an Erasable Whiteboard.

This is one of the less permanent but more cost-effective ways to keep track of all your achievements. You can write your goals for the week or month on it and measure the progress as you go. Once you’re done with the time period allotted, you can simply wipe everything away.

5. In a Habit-Tracking App.

There are many free and inexpensive apps to choose from. Plant Nanny is one that allows you to virtually grow and care for plants with every glass or bottle of water that you drink. Way of Life allows iOS and Android device users to track any type of habit that they want and encourages the process known as ‘habit-stacking’.

Each option offers you a great deal of flexibility. Depending on how you prefer to record information, either by hand or digitally, you’ll get a great deal of use out of the tools listed above. You may even find that it’s easier for you to use a combination of the habit-trackers so you’re able to visualize your goals wherever you go.

Make Your Goals Seem Less Forgettable

Tracking your goals makes them less forgettable. You’ll have visual reminders of them in your journal, planner or on your smartphone. That way, you’re aware that the goals exist and find new and improved ways to work toward them daily. Finding the right tracking tool is half the battle. Now that you’ve had time to explore five different options, you’ll have a much easier time deciding which method of recordkeeping works best for you.

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