5 Summer Fun Activities That You Can Start Doing Right Away

5 Summer Fun Activities That You Can Start Doing Right Away

Summer is an exceptional season filled with adventure, memory-making, and more time spent outdoors. If the COVID-19 pandemic has had you sheltering in place for months, it’s time to take the opportunity to rethink your plans for the warmer months of the year. You may have reservations about going to the theme park or sending your kids to summer camp, which is entirely understandable. You can, however, create a safe summer itinerary to follow that allows you to make the most out of every sun-drenched moment of the year. 

What You Can Do to Have the Most Fun This Season Without Delay

Being creative has its advantages. If you’re looking to make the season the best one yet, you’ll benefit from the inspiration that you draw from the list we’ve created for you. After being indoors exclusively for weeks, spending time in nature could very well be the cure for you.

Here are five summer fun activities that you can start doing right away: 

  1. Start a 30 Day Project. Pick an activity that you can commit to for one solid month. Track your progress online or on a calendar. Share your experience with others who find your project exciting. Examples of 30 Day Projects, include a month of trying new foods, creating pieces of art, and learning about different cultures.
  2. Document your experiences along the way. You can blog, vlog, or journal. Sharing your ideas online can help you commemorate the moment more. Remember that you can even photograph your experiences as a way of connecting to them better later on.
  3. Spend time outdoors while maintaining social distancing guidelines. Go hiking, biking, and camping. Make sure that you maintain a safe distance from other people. Keep a reasonable distance between people who have not traveled with you. Wear masks and wash your hands often to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.
  4. Plant a garden and prepare a new recipe using its ingredients. There is nothing better than being able to reap the fruits of your labor. Growing a garden is an excellent experience for singles, couples, and families. It allows you to have access to fresh food that you can cook using an entirely new recipe.
  5. Host a virtual get-together with family and friends. Use Zoom, Skype, or Facebook Messenger to get close to the ones you love. Instead of having a backyard BBQ, throw a virtual potluck. Have everyone prepare foods that they love and host a setting full of music, conversation, and lots of fun.

Not everything you do requires an outdoor setting. You can enjoy the cool of your air conditioning on days, too. The ideas listed above are just a sample of how great of summer you can have by yourself, with friends or family. When planning out your activities for the hottest months of the year, remember to give yourself plenty of time to learn and explore.

Adventure Awaits You During the Sunniest Season of the Year

Make this summer your best season yet. Although this year may not have started the way you anticipated it to with school closures and sheltering in place, you can still have a good amount of fun, doing what you love indoors and outdoors alone, with a friend or your family in tow. Summer is full of sunshine, warmth, and more opportunities to do the things that you love while you have time to do them.

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