5 Steps to a Greener and Healthier 2019

If one of your resolutions this year is to go green, you’re in luck. Changing your lifestyle to support the planet is actually good for your health! You’ll benefit from the formation of new habits and become an advocate for Mother Earth in the process. Saving more of the green stuff comes easily, too, because you’ll spend less money on disposable and wasteful consumer habits that actually harm the planet.

Here are five steps to a greener and healthier 2019:

1. Start being an objective shopper.

In the past, you might have not put a lot of thought into the things that you bought. You may have purchased them on a whim out of convenience without having an adequate way to recycle or dispose of them. Chances are you’ve also learned that the companies that you’ve supported in the past with your hard-earned dollars weren’t operating ethically and that made you feel really bad about the products that you bought. The best way to deal with those types of issues in the future is to become really objective about the things you buy. Take time to research eco-friendly companies and manufacturing practices. Decide which alternatives you can take if a product isn’t easy to get rid of once it’s worn out. Learn to differentiate between a need and a want. You’ll buy less and become more creative in the process.

2. Find alternatives that allow you to reduce your carbon footprint.

Again, this all comes down to time management. If you make hasty purchasing decisions, you’ll wind up getting burned. Instead of helping the planet by being an informed consumer, you contribute to our wasteful society by buying single-use items and those that release toxic substances into our environment. Look for companies who are transparent in their manufacturing processes, emphasize quality over quantity, and share the same values as you do when it comes to protecting the planet. That way, you’ll feel good about what you buy every time money goes out of your bank account.

3. Ditch harmful chemicals for good.

Read labels and product descriptions closely to identify ingredients that you don’t want in your home or body. Look for reusable water bottles that are BPA-free, leak-proof, and travel-friendly. You’ll feel more compelled to use them wherever you go if you know they won’t make a mess in your bag or car. You’ll also feel good about buying them for your family and friends because you know the bottle won’t cause your loved ones harm by drinking out it.

4. Make it a point to move your body regularly.

That way, you burn excess calories and maintain a healthy weight. You can’t protect the planet well if you’re too sick to give it a try. Regular exercise benefits you physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, and socially. Recruit members of your community to clean up a park or stream. It’s a great way to be physically active and help the environment, too.

5. Share what you’ve learned with others.

Sharing is caring. With social media and the internet, it’s easy to let others in on what you know. Give them some pointers or a glimpse inside your new green routine. You never know who you’ll inspire with your actions!

You can clean-up your act one step at a time. Becoming a caring and conscientious consumer is a process. It requires action so don’t be afraid to start changing your habits one-by-one until you reach your desired result.

Take a Step in the Right Direction This Year with Hydracy

Do your part to protect your health and the planet. By changing your habits slightly, you’re at a real advantage. Not only do you feel better physically, your self-confidence soars because of the contribution you’ve made to humanity. If everyone did their part to protect the planet the way that you have, massive progress would be made.

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