5 Healthy Habits to Develop Starting Today

5 Healthy Habits to Develop Starting Today

Ask any expert what constitutes a healthy lifestyle and you’ll get a wide range of answers. Some believe that diet and exercise are imperative to good health while others stress the importance of companionship and stress-relieving tools. No matter what is being reported by the media, there are some things that you can do to better your physical and mental health. In fact, getting started is as easy as making up your mind to change.

The following suggestions are healthy habits you can start developing today:

1. Find reasons to move your body regularly.

Don’t think of exercise as work. If you do, you’ll come up with excuses as to why you can’t go to the gym or take a quick stroll around the block on your lunch break. There are many ways you can sneak physical activity into your daily routine. From parking your vehicle a distance from your intended destination to walking your dog or taking the stairs instead of the elevator, you’re faced with choices daily that impact your health. Find new ways to fit more exercise into your daily schedule. Rather than drive to get lunch, why not scope out restaurants in the neighborhood that you can walk to? You’ll get the added benefit of fresh air and even see things you may not have noticed on your normal commute.

2. Make it a point to engage in stress-relieving practices.

Stress is called the silent killer for good reason. It sneaks up on a person and compromises their health rather quickly. Having positive and productive ways to combat stress is advisable in today’s fast-paced society. It can be something as simple as deep breathing or even throwing a couple of darts at a dartboard. Give yourself healthy ways to cope with stress and feel your blood pressure lower in even the tensest situations.

3. Fuel your passion.

Engage in activities that feel good and open your mind. Push past your boundaries by learning new skills that help you with personal and professional goals and successes. There are many ways to fuel your passion, pick one and stick to it until you’ve mastered its basic principles.

4. Keep a journal.

Experts agree that there are health benefits to journaling. Not only does it help lower your blood pressure, it provides you with valuable insight that helps you manage your life better. Emotional, physical, and psychological benefits await you with journaling. It’s easy to do and doesn’t require special tools. All you need is paper and pen or a word processing program on your phone or computer to benefit from writing.

5. Schedule regular rest and recovery breaks.

Make sure to give yourself some downtime between obligations. You’ll need to take some time to rest and recover from all of your appointments, tasks, and social gatherings. If you find it difficult to take time out for yourself, block out time in your schedule. Then hold yourself accountable for resting as planned.

A willingness to change is the first step in developing healthier habits. When you identify areas of your life that need improvement, you’re admitting that something’s got to give. You can then formulate a plan based on your goals, lifestyle, and schedule. Having the right frame of mind adds to your success, making it easier to achieve everything you’ve set out to do.

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