4 Surefire Ways to Prevent Dehydration This Summer

4 Surefire Ways to Prevent Dehydration This Summer

On the hottest days of the year, your body works overtime to keep itself cool. If you don’t drink enough water, you’re not able to cool yourself down easily. The loss of fluids that you sustain can cause you to feel weak and tired. You may develop a headache as a result of being in the sun too long without something cool and refreshing to drink.

Dehydration is a serious condition that can lead to hospitalization if you’re not aware of its effects. That’s why you can never be too cautious when doing outdoor activities. Even if you only intend to be outside for a short length of time, it’s important to drink H2O often. Carrying a refillable water bottle wherever you go ensures that you’re never without lifesaving water for long.

Prevent Dehydration By Doing the Following Four Things

To help you avoid becoming dehydrated this summer, we’ve listed four tips for you to follow below. Each provides you with greater insight on ways to prevent dehydration from sneaking up on you. Avoiding alcoholic and caffeinated beverages while spending time outside is also very helpful as they can zap your body of water quickly.

#1: Know the signs of dehydration.

A myriad of health issues occurs when you’ve not drunk enough water. You may feel nauseous, fatigued, irritable, sluggish, or even have a headache. If you’ve spent time outdoors exercising or in direct sunlight, err on the side of caution and sip your water bottle frequently. You can easily find a water fountain or ask a restaurant to refill it for you when it’s empty.

#2: Take a drink just as soon as you think that you’re thirsty.

If your mouth feels dry, moisten it. If you’re finding it hard to swallow because you haven’t taken a drink in a while, change your situation immediately by drinking more H2O. Don’t wait until you start to feel sick to take a sip of water.

#3: Eat fruits and vegetables full of water.

Many foods contain large amounts of water. Think watermelon, cucumber, tomatoes, cantaloupe, strawberries, and lettuce.  You can even infuse your water with these flavors for all-natural vitamin water that’s excellent for your health.

#4: Replace missing electrolytes with a sports drink or other comparable beverage.

If you feel like water isn’t helping you feel better, try a sports drink or other electrolyte replacer. It provides you with magnesium and potassium, which prevent leg cramps and other severe conditions from occurring because you’ve sweated so much.

Invest in Hydracy Water Bottles So That You’re Never Without Water on the Go

Quench your insatiable thirst by following the advice listed above. Becoming dehydrated in the heat can be very detrimental to your health. Making sure that you’re constantly replenishing your body’s supply of water is imperative. Carrying your Hydracy water bottle with you wherever you go ensures that you’re never without a refreshing drink of water on a hot day. It’s among the easiest and most helpful ways to prevent dehydration from occurring.

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