10 Ways to Positively and Productively Deal with Life’s Stressors

10 Ways to Positively and Productively Deal with Life’s Stressors

Life can be stressful at times. Learning how to deal with challenging situations is an asset. It helps you become more resilient so that when you need to be strong, you can be so quickly. Changing your perspective about stress can be highly beneficial. It allows you to be in control of your emotions and the outcome.

Be a Master of Calm, Cool, Collectiveness

Learning how to be a calmer, cooler, and more collected version of yourself takes time. It’s not something you do overnight. Once you’ve learned how to deal with stress positively, you’re able to manage your emotions better. You’ll feel more in control of the situation even if you’re not.

Here are ten ways to deal with life’s stressors positively and productively:

  1. Practice deep breathing. Focus on your breath. Watch your chest and belly rise and lower. Keep breathing deeply until you feel calm once again.
  2. Recite the words, “This, too, shall pass.” Even the worst situations are only temporary. You’ll be able to get past the stress. Just focus on coming up with the best possible outcome for yourself.
  3. Journal to get out your feelings. Put pen to paper. Don’t censor yourself. Let it out and notice how lower your blood pressure becomes when you find yourself in the flow.
  4. Go for a walk to clear your mind. Spending time in nature can be very therapeutic. Notice the sounds, smells, and sights around you. Touch different surfaces and note how they feel as a way of changing your thought patterns.
  5. Create something useful with your hands. Transform all of the excess energy into a beautiful project. You don’t need to be an expert at any particular craft. Just create and admire your work when you’ve finished with it.
  6. Snuggle a relative, friend, or pet. It helps them feel calmer, too. If you don’t have access to anyone to hug, grab a pillow, and wrap your arms around it. It may seem silly, but it can help you see things more positively after a stressful event.
  7. Sit down and come up with three solutions for the problem you’re facing. It takes you out of your emotional mind and puts you into an analytical thought process. When you see that you have options, you feel less helpless. It’s an incredibly good feeling to have at the moment.
  8. Call someone you trust to talk to about what’s bothering you. Bend their ear. Listen to their advice. Then breathe, knowing that everything will be ok.
  9. Take a long bike ride. Go somewhere you’ve never gone before and admire the scenery. Feel the wind in your hair. Stop and admire the beauty of the natural world.
  10. When nothing else seems to help, rest. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed and less stressed. Things won’t seem as pressing when you’ve had some time to clear your mind and reflect on the situation.

Learning how to deal with stress in a way that helps you is highly beneficial. Taking what you learned from the tips listed above can assist you in calming yourself in highly stressful situations. You won’t suffer the consequences of chronic stress because you’ll have tools and techniques that work well for you.

Take a Sip of Water When All Else Fails

If you’ve tried all of the suggestions on the list to no avail, take a sip of water. It forces you to pause and focus on the task at hand. Hydrating yourself requires mindfulness. Although it may be something you think you do automatically, it can be a way to reconnect with your body and your mind.




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