10 Rituals You Can Add to Your Life for Best Results

For centuries, rituals have made up a large portion of people’s days. Meant to bring meaning to the mundane, they transform how you live your life by infusing it with intention. Rather than go through the motions robotically, you fully embrace the moment and get lost in the practice you’re completing.

Ways to Introduce Ritual to Your Days and Actions

You can create rituals for nearly every area of your life. From eating to sleeping to working to playing, the way you do these activities matters a lot. You can choose to make every moment magical if you allow yourself to engage with the process.

Ten rituals you can add to your life for best results include:

  1. Become a morning person. Set the alarm and rise before the sun. Take the extra time that you have to go for a quick walk or short run. Admire the world as people are starting to wake up and go about their daily routines.
  2. Document your experiences. Journal, blog, vlog, or take photographs. Your life matters and you tell your story in a way that only you know how to tell it. This ritual is one that you’ll grow to appreciate more as you grow older.
  3. Stretch before you walk, jog, run, or do yoga. Allow your muscles to ‘wake up.’ You’ll prevent strains and sprains. It’s a way of alerting your body that it will be engaging in more rigorous exercise.
  4. Write in a gratitude journal before leaving for work or school. List five things you’re grateful for daily. It allows you to see the good in your life. You can refer back to the lists whenever you’re feeling sad or unmotivated.
  5. Watch a motivational video or listen to an uplifting podcast. Create a playlist that you can cycle through regularly. That way, you’re never without ‘feel good’ material to consume. It will keep you from visiting the news sites and watching random YouTube videos with no end in sight.
  6. Choose a set day for paying your bills each week. Feel a sense of pride in knowing that you can financially tend to your responsibilities. Every time you pay a bill, you’re supporting other workers who also need to pay their bills. It’s an empowering feeling.
  7. Go on a virtual retreat at least once a year. You don’t need to leave home to benefit from the experience. There are many types of summits and retreats you can attend online. It can be a ritual for you to go to the same one each year or to try a new one yearly.
  8. Commit one random act of kindness each day. Do it without announcement. Keep it a secret. Know that you’re making a difference.
  9. Mindfully prepare a meal that you and your family can eat together. Choose ingredients that are nourishing. Carefully prepare what you’ll eat. Then, sit down and enjoy the meal together.
  10. Read something inspiring before bed. It allows you to relax and go to sleep easier. You’ll learn new ideas that you can dream about, too. When you wake up, you may even have more clarity on what to do next.

There is no limit to the types of rituals you can engage in daily. Something as simple as clearing your desk before you leave work for the day or waking early to drink a cup of coffee or hot tea in silence are examples of things you can ritualize. It’s all about the details, so pay attention to the choices you make and know why you’ve decided they were important enough for you to make them.

Decide Which Rituals Deserve Space in Your Life and Routine

Rituals can become a sacred part of your routine. They’re something that you do to honor your mind, body, or soul.  You can turn almost anything into a ritual by applying mindfulness to the situation. Once you’ve begun to calm yourself internally, you’ll be more than ready to take part in the habits and traditions you’ve created for yourself.

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