10 Outstanding and Free Ways to Enhance Your Life and the Lives of Others

If you want to make a real difference in your life and in the lives of others, there are things you can do starting today to help out. Among the most obvious is to engage in good, quality self-care. That way, you feel nourished from the inside out and are willing as well as able to inspire others through the things that you say and do. Self-care enables you to be the best version of yourself you can possibly be which gives you the energy, patience, time, and financial resources to help out others who need your assistance, too.

Ten outstanding and free ways to enhance your life and the lives of others include:

1. Wake up feeling grateful.

An Attitude of Gratitude sets the tone for the day. It gives you a feeling of inner peace knowing that you’ve been given the gift of life. Rather than grumble at your alarm clock for waking you up, you embrace the day feeling assured that it will be a good one.

2. Smile at everyone you see.

It’s the universal language of love. It shows how kind, caring, and approachable you are. Smiling burns calories, too, so the more you do it, the healthier you’ll feel!

3. Pay it forward.

Do good deeds for other people. Random acts of kindness require very little effort to complete but restore faith in humanity. Pick one thing you can do today to help others thrive.

4. Eat your meals mindfully.

So often, we feel rushed while we’re eating. Don’t be. Take your time to focus on the food in front of you by thinking of who helped grow, pick, transport, and prepare the dish. Say a few words of appreciation for those who helped make your meal a possibility.

5. Engage in real life conversations.

That way, you’re deepening the connection you have with other people. You’re less dependent on technology to do the talking for you. You’re able to bond in a completely different way when you can physically see and hear the person you’re speaking to.

6. Give yourself a treat at the end of the week.

Incentives keep us going even when things are difficult to handle. Having something to look forward to makes it so you can power through the work week with greater ease. It rewards you for achieving the seemingly impossible.

7. Move your body joyfully.

Walk, run, bike, do yoga or dance. Find a way to get up and move your body. Switch up your routine regularly to keep it from becoming stagnant.

8. Take a minute to share what you’ve learned.

You only need to be one step ahead of another person to teach them what you know. They’ll be appreciative for the help. You’ll benefit from applying the information in a new and amazing way.

9. Choose kindness over being right.

Everyone has an opinion. Even if you feel like yours is right, be kind first. It’s easier for others to see eye-to-eye with you when they don’t feel defensive.

10. Pick up trash when you see it on the ground.

This is an incredibly easy practice to get into. When you see trash, pick it up. Keep a trash bag with you in your pocket, console in your car or backpack for this precise reason.

Make this year one to remember. Change your life and the lives of others through your thoughts, words, and actions. So much good can be done in such a short time if you’re willing and able to give of yourself to others. They’ll appreciate the kind gesture and want to do what they can to help out others in the same way.

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