10 New Skills That You Can Learn While Sheltering at Home

10 New Skills That You Can Learn While Sheltering at Home

If COVID-19 has you sheltering at home, there’s no reason to feel bored any longer. There are plenty of ways for you to deal with the stress that you’re feeling productively. Rather than sit and watch TV all day, you can work on developing some new skills. Each could help further your progress as a person and a professional going forward.

Ten new skills that you can learn while sheltering at home include:

    1. Digital Communication. If you’ve been the type of person in the past that has been bad about answering texts, phone calls, and emails, now are the time to change that habit. Without being able to gather with family, friends, and co-workers in person, communication has never been more important. Improve your digital communication skills by learning which platforms and tools work best for you. That way, you don’t feel alone or isolated whenever a health crisis or personal crisis occurs.
    2. Cooking and Baking from Scratch. If you have access to social media, you’ll see people dealing with the pandemic’s restrictions in many creative ways. From baking bread from scratch to whipping up gourmet restaurant-style meals, they’ve done it all. You can take a page from their books by following their example. Find a recipe online that you have the ingredients for, and try recreating it. You’ll be well-nourished and satisfied with your newly acquired skill.
    3. Gardening. A lot of joy exists outdoors while digging in the dirt. You can plant flowers, herbs, fruit trees, fruit bushes, and vegetables. Learning organic ways to cultivate plants and yield a harvest benefits you. You’ll lower your monthly food costs and have access to better quality foods to eat year-round.
    4. Exercising Without Access to a Gym. Physical activity doesn’t require expensive gym equipment. Finding creative solutions at home that allow you to exercise frequently is a skill. You may find that you prefer your at-home workouts to your expensive gym membership when all is said and done.
    5. Resiliency. Being able to handle whatever life throws at you is a skill that you’ll become very dependent on throughout life. Resiliency allows you to see the bright side of every situation and to continue to move forward when things seem less than ideal.
    6. Leadership. Standing up and taking charge of a situation from home can be challenging. Being an excellent leader virtually provides you with many opportunities in companies and organizations worldwide.
    7. Self-Protection. Taking good care of yourself involves self-awareness. It’s learning how to avoid uncomfortable and dangerous scenarios.
    8. Content Creation. If you haven’t created a blog, vlog, or social media accounts promoting yourself or your business, now is the time to do so. It’s how you’ll stay connected with other people long into the future.
    9. Resource Management. With supply shortages and longer delivery times to account for, it’s essential to know how to make your resources last as long as possible. One skill that you’re likely to develop during this experience is the preservation of the items you do have access to currently.
    10. Organization. Now is the time to take account of the things you have. It’s an excellent time to clean things up and organize them in a way that benefits you and your family.

Make the most of the time that you have at home. If restrictions have kept you from leaving your home recently, don’t worry. Rather than feeling cooped up and bored, why not do something good for yourself? By the time you return to the outside world, you’ll be ready for your next big adventure with the skills that you acquired.

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